29+ Hilarious Images of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online

The Right Way To Measure

Step aside centimeters; There is a new measurement scale in town. Enter: bananameters. Seems measurable, right? Well, we suppose that’s what the seller here tried to portray anyways. It looks like the banana is used for scale to show their buyers the size of the mirror. We, for one, think it’s legit.

Why use a ruler when you can use a banana anyways? Bananas have many pros to them too. For one, they are tasty. Secondly, their bright yellow color could show the color quality of a mirror. At least, that is what this seller might’ve wanted to demonstrate in this picture.

Here Comes the Bride

There is something about the look of wedding dresses that makes them super luxurious. Could this be the vibe that this ambitious seller went for? With a golden frame like that and a trailing cloudy plastic covering, it might be a subliminal hint of value-for-money. If it is, then chapeau to them.

And if it isn’t, well, it was still good enough to catch our attention (and make up crazy theories). The art of covering up one’s feet can be mastered with skilled craftsmanship, as seen here. And this seller’s use of plastic to cover themselves might have been a good solution after all.

This Mirror Has a Few Fans

Safe to say, this photo seems to have a lot going on. Could it be the eye-catching hardwood floor? Or the black frame the mirror is sporting? Whatever it may be, it sure isn’t the 3 ceiling fans on the floor accompanied by an apparent ninja next to them.

All sarcasm aside, though, this picture has head-turning potential. For starters, what are the 3 fans doing on the floor? And why did the seller who took the photo cover their face in a seemingly martial art stance? Whatever the reason might be, we are definitely fans of the random vibe this image has.

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