29+ Hilarious Images of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online

Mirror Sell-Fie

Taking a selfie to sell your mirror is a daring move that can only be pulled off by the highly skilled. This seller seems to know what they’re doing, as they used two hands to hold the heavy weight of daredevil selfie camera stunts. It looks like this user found their niche.

They very discretely showed their face but didn’t let it take away any attention from the mirror. Thinking about it now, this user might’ve done it right. We, for one, would probably buy the mirror from them in support of their daring selfie efforts. Let’s hope they scored a deal they deserved!

Stop and Look at This

This mirror seller uploaded an interesting post to craigslist in a bid to sell it. They seemingly used their hand to show the mirror’s reflectiveness, but they made it look like they wanted us to stop and stare. Well, luckily for them, that is precisely what we’ve done.

Now that we’ve stopped, we can take our time to admire the beauty of the mirror that this user wants to sell. Sporting a black frame and a mosaic-like passe-partout, we could say that this mirror looks rather elegant. And thanks to their hand, we know for sure that it’s reflective.

If There’s a Will, There’s an iPad

Taking pictures of mirrors for sale can be done in many ways, even for people who don’t have a camera or smartphone. Introducing, the iPad tactic. This concentrated seller appears to have successfully taken pictures with the tricky device, holding it firmly with two hands.

If the beauty of this floral-laden mirror couldn’t convince one to buy it, then perhaps the sheer literal grasp of this seller could. He seems to have tackled the dangerous sport of iPad photographing like a champ. We, for one, would definitely be persuaded to buy it to show our support.

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