29+ Hilarious Images of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online

A Fan of Interesting Mirrors

Mirrors can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Apparently, some can also come in the form of a wheel cover. At least, that’s what this picture seems to be showing. It’s either that, or the seller tried to show us how big the mirror is by comparing it to a car tire.

Many questions come to mind when looking at this picture. One user commented, “does i­t­ keep spinning when you come to a stop tho?” This raised the question, could the mirror actually be a part of the wheel? The mystery will probably have to live on because the seller has yet to comment.

Safe as Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap has many purposes. It can be used as a wrap to protect valuable goods from breaking or other precious things such as a face from privacy breaches, apparently. At least that’s what this mirror seller tried to convey by the looks of it. Did they manage to do it correctly?

Look, if it wasn’t for the dark outline of their glasses, it might’ve been spot on, or spotted on if we may. But unfortunately, the specs kind of gave their face away. Still, the attempt appears to have been done pretty well. And as for the pink buttons around the mirror? They are just the cherry on top.

The Legendary Phone Face-Block

It wouldn’t be an awkward mirror-for-sale article without addressing the most used method: the phone face-block. As shown here, the seller used this tactic to take a picture of their mirror without their facade. And truthfully, it very well might be the best way to do it head-on.

But the startling piece of detail in this advertisement is, well, the random foot in the picture. Having blocked their face successfully, the user probably forgot about the rest of their body. But that seems to be just fine by the Twitter users who got a nice laugh from it.

Dogs Can Help Too

If a partial mirror picture in an awkward angle can’t do the trick, then maybe a furry friend could convince a person to buy it. At least, that’s what this seller probably thought as they included their dog in the photo. And by the looks of it, more people in the comments section wanted the pup instead. Can we blame them?

The cute part about it is probably how the puppy is staring right at the mirror. The only things that might be missing are sad puppy eyes, which could probably persuade even the most stubborn of buyers. The seller might have to consider that the buyers would probably want to include the dog in the package too, though.

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