29+ Hilarious Images of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online


This user uploaded a picture of a mirror for sale, but it looks like they captured their innocent actions in the making. What’s even better is that it went viral, having gained a whopping 138 thousand retweets. Many commenters couldn’t help but write about how “cute” the seller is, and we couldn’t agree more!

Thinking about it now, it could have been the perfect shot. If only the seller had positioned themselves just a tad more to the right, they probably would’ve nailed it. But then again, isn’t this peek-a-boo picture a bit more special than a normal one? Perhaps the 100k plus retweets could justify it!

Why the Sad Face?

This may look like a standard awkward picture of a person putting their mirror up for sale, but some Twitter users highlighted a minor detail. A few people commented on the apparent frown, writing things like “why the sad face?” And we think that we might understand what they mean.

But even though the commenters might be onto something, it’s probably not as deep as it may seem. The seller might have just put on their concentrated face as they tried to work the camera angle. It’s nice seeing people care for each other though, even if it’s through a post on Instagram!

Subliminal Heels

Taking a picture of a mirror from above doesn’t always have to be boring, especially if it features a pair of high heels. This mirror seller decided to wear their stilettos as part of the shot. And by the looks of it, we think that their fashionable decision may have been a bid to speed up the selling process.

The eye-catching difference from the other more casual pair of kicks may have been part of the advertising plan all along. The heels give off a vibe of value. Subliminal messages, anyone? If that is the case, then this seller knows exactly what they are doing. And we’re onto them.

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