29+ Hilarious Images of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online

Paw-Fect Advertising

This seller took a creative approach to their advertising campaign, and it seems like it went right for them. The user managed to receive a lot of attention after they uploaded this picture on Twitter holding up their dog. And the price tag on the mirror was $10.

It looks like using pets as advertising ploys can come in handy, as it literally did for this ambitious seller. The cute picture gained them sought-after buyer attention. A thousand retweets later, it looks like they found their deal. For anyone wanting to sell things online, take notes. This could be a deal-breaker.

“Could This Be It?”

It can sometimes be hard to take the perfect picture, so much so that it could take a hundred photos to get to the right one. But once the ideal shot’s captured, the satisfaction can be endless. That’s at least what this user showed us in this wholesome image.

The mirror hugs the top and bottom border of the photo rather neatly, we’ll give it that. Who knows how many pictures the seller had to take until they reached this one. Either way, this picture looks like it depicts the “could this be it?” emotion pretty nicely.

Getting Down To Business

Finding the right angle to take a picture of a mirror can be a tough job. Some mirrors look good taken from the side, while others are better from above. This committed seller actually found their angle crouching down in front of the mirror. Perhaps because they wanted to show its height.

As if they tried to give the saying “getting down to business” a whole new meaning, this seller looks fiercely determined. The seriousness is admirable because all they want is to do is, well, business. So why not commit to it? Hopefully, they received the deal that they wanted.

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