29+ Hilarious Images of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online

A Different Approach

If a mirror isn’t easy to sell, for whatever reason, it may be best to incorporate other strategies to pitch it. That’s what this seller taught us through their interesting tactic. Instead of simply convincing someone to buy it, try seducing them. Seems helpful, right?

A different approach to selling may not be a bad idea. It could work, as proven by this seller. Thanks to their suggestive pose in front of their mirror-for-sale, the user’s post generated over 5 thousand retweets. It could be safe to assume that they managed to sell this one pretty quickly!

The Fashionable Mirror

If this seller wanted attention for their legs, then it looks like they failed. That’s because many people commented on the post saying how much they wanted to buy the fashionable mirror. “I kinda really want this one. It looks amazing,” wrote one user on the post, which received over 4,000 retweets.

The moral of the story? Sometimes taking a picture of a mirror with your legs featured in it doesn’t hurt its success if you have an appealing mirror. The fashion of the wooden frame does seem to be agreed upon by the commenters of the post. Let’s hope this seller managed to get the deal done!

The Side Strike

If there is no other way to take a decent picture of a mirror without including oneself in it, resorting to the “side strike” may be the best bet. At least that’s what this particular salesperson wrote on their Reddit post, having commented on the particularly awkward angle.

It is pretty admirable to see such determination in taking a nice picture of a mirror, all jokes aside. Having reached out from behind the door, this seller seemed to be pretty motivated. We’ll take it as inspiration because it probably takes a lot of effort to stretch out like that.

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