Blogger Shows The Internet 25 Hilarious Comparisons Of Instagram Vs. Reality


Although Vienna seems like she was born to be a model, she had no intention of becoming one at all. It all happened rather quickly when she was at the young age of 19.  “I went to Tokyo for a vacation when I had about 10K followers on Twitter,” she explained.

She continued: “I met a girl there and we ended up taking a photo together while we were walking on the street. After she posted our photo online, her modeling agency contacted me and asked me to work with them.” Since then, her account has grown to 160k followers.

The Perfect Sip

Vienna mostly uses her Instagram to document her travels around the world. “I love traveling and photography,” she said. “So I want people to know more about me and all the places I go to.” Not a bad business strategy, considering it’s the perfect topic to make everyone super jealous.

In the first image, Vienna looks picture perfect. However, in the second image, she looks like she just choked on that drink she’s sipping. Instagram posts tend to make simple things like coffee or juice, look as though they were made from holy water.

Photoshop vs. Photoplop

For Vienna’s Instagram vs. Reality shots, she used her usual tools to highlight the difference between the flawless pictures and the natural ones. Talking about the photoshopped images, Vienna explained that “On those photos, I used an app called Ulike.”

She continued: “This software lets people “fine-tune” themselves, offering to touch-up their eyes, nose and mouth. However, the “real” ones weren’t manipulated at all, I just used my normal camera. That’s why my face looks super different in them.”

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