Blogger Shows The Internet 25 Hilarious Comparisons Of Instagram Vs. Reality

Rollercoaster Ride

Maybe adrenalin junkies won’t admit it, but getting on a rollercoaster and acting like you’re not afraid is a skill that few have mastered. After all, you are putting your body through absolute turmoil. Your blood rushes to your feet, your body is being pushed back even though you’re moving forward. For some, it’s torturous.

Bloggers taking pictures at theme parks will show you images of people who are scared of nothing, girls who can eat a candy floss the size of their bodies without putting on weight and a few other unrealistic expectations. Don’t be fooled people, the image on the right shows you just how much Vienna is ‘loving’ her day out.

2 Kinds Of People

Those who thought having a girlfriend would be easy never considered how much they needed to be fed. Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays in the social media world because nothing makes you look happier than being in a perfect relationship filled with spoils.

However, no relationship is perfect and all partners go through a bit of adversity. To be fair, the unedited picture of Vienna and her boyfriend shows a much more appealing kind of relationship. They both have the room to be themselves, while he picks his nose and she stuffs her face

Rolled Outta Bed Chic

There are two kinds of morning people in the world. The first kind are crazy and the second kind are liars. Pajamas usually involve whatever old t-shirt you can find paired with hair you don’t want anyone seeing. Vienna’s bangs look like they’re trying to find the best signal in the house and she ain’t afraid to show it.

There’s nobody on planet earth that could wake up after a long sleep looking camera ready. This is when the makeup, hair, clothes, and breath are at their worst. In the first image, Vienna looks like a princess in her snuggly robe. The second picture is a little bit frightening, but we can all relate.

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