Blogger Shows The Internet 25 Hilarious Comparisons Of Instagram Vs. Reality

Sink Or Swim

Don’t you hate those girls who lay on floaties looking effortlessly perfect? Well, not to worry because they don’t actually exist. You can’t get on one of those bad boys without spending at least two seconds looking like you’re somewhat struggling.

For some, spending the day by a pool or beach is not nearly as pleasant when struggling with your hidden body insecurities. Seeing pictures of people looking perfectly toned and gorgeous in their bathing suits doesn’t help the unrealistic standards we set for ourselves.

Girl Power

If you look at Vienna’s Instagram posts, you’ll find that in every picture, she looks like an absolute bombshell. Not a single flaw can be found on her skin, hair, body, or outfit. It almost allows you to forget that she is human too, with insecurities and parts of her body she wishes she could change as well.

You are not the only one with a double chin or crooked teeth, you are also not the only one who sometimes wakes up with a pimple to start your day. Rest assured, humans are not supposed to be perfect. Don’t let the photo editing apps trick you, stay woke.

Sleeping Beauty vs. Reporting For Duty

Sleeping beauty might be leading little girls to believe that you’re supposed to go to bed in the same gown you would wear to a wedding or your prom. However, Disney stories are an even more warped version of reality that any instablogger’s handle.

The first picture shows Vienna with perfect hair and makeup while she’s sleeping soundly. However, only a few people in the world can get away with falling into a deep sleep without snoring or drooling. It’s not exactly a picture-worthy moment.

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