Blogger Shows The Internet 25 Hilarious Comparisons Of Instagram Vs. Reality


The more women and girls watch television or look at magazines full of unattainable images of women created by “photoshopping”, the more anxious and insecure about their appearance they become. A lot of these insecurities involve weight gain and weight loss.

Food bloggers and models usually capture an image of them eating something terribly unhealthy whilst being perfectly toned and skinny at the same time. This is yet another unrealistic expectation that social media is spreading. Vienna isn’t afraid to show her ‘hungry’ side in the right image.

Silly Faces

It started with the pout and gradually moved over to the duck-face. Instagrammers were posting selfies and pulling funny faces. The point of these silly moves was to show followers that even when you’re pulling ridiculous looks, you can do it while still looking like a model.

Vienna shows her edited silly face alongside her real one and the difference is pretty hilarious. Even without looking at her face, you can tell she edited just about everything. The brightness is most obvious, as well as how broad her shoulders appear.

Morning Routines

It’s easy to believe that the first picture is how Vienna actually looks when brushing her teeth. When this image was posted, one of the viewers commented “How does she makes her eyes look so sparkly and big? She’s like an anime babe?” They forgot one crucial detail…

Vienna already admitted, before posting these images, that she used an app called Ulike which is a software designed to help people fine-tune their faces. The app offers features that allow you to edit your nose, eyes, and mouth. Vienna looks like a different person in the unedited version.

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