Blogger Shows The Internet 25 Hilarious Comparisons Of Instagram Vs. Reality

Mom’s Spaghetti

You may think this is a meme depicting the wrong way vs. the right way to eat spaghetti. However, it’s just another one of Vienna’s edited pictures. She definitely abused the Ulike app in these ones. The first image makes as though spaghetti is not one of the messiest dishes to put away.

Spaghetti is no dish for a first date. There is nobody that can pull off taking a full bite of it without looking like an animal trying to guzzle its prey. Although she may look prettier in the first picture, we all know the correct way to eat spaghetti is displayed on the right.

Feel At Home

Homes are for free expressions, not for good impressions. Spending the day on the couch, for whatever reason, almost never looks how Vienna does in the picture on the left. Everyone knows the best part about getting home is that you finally have the freedom to be as ugly as you want.

The jeans come off, the hair goes up and the food comes out. The couch knows a version of you that no one else ever should. However, Vienna looks a lot more appealing in her natural state. Is there anything hotter than a girl that can slay in video games? I rest my case.

Maybe She’s Born With It

Makeup is the biggest deceiver of them all. Especially in pictures because it looks much better in a photo than in person. No one is ever as beautiful as their profile pictures make them out to be. The ironic thing about this photo is that Vienna actually looks beautiful with not a stitch of makeup on her face.

Although its great to feel more confident, too much makeup can also be extremely harmful to your skin. One of her followers commented, “I was just thinking she looks 10 years older with all that makeup.” That kind of defeats the purpose of good foundation no?

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