Blogger Shows The Internet 25 Hilarious Comparisons Of Instagram Vs. Reality

A Nice Day For A Swim

The first image shows Vienna effortlessly getting out of the pool, with perfect hair and her makeup fully intact. Even the best waterproof mascara in the world can’t pull off that kind of magic. The app also changed the pigmentation of her face so much that it doesn’t even match her body.

The second picture is a whole lot more relatable. If you want your hair to stay dry and perfect, that’s only possible if you wear those ridiculous caps. Moreover, she would’ve been a lot less disturbed by that water splash had she put on her goggles.

Coffee vs. Beer

When looking at a blogger’s profile, we often think that they are the most perfect and healthy people. They live a lifestyle filled with exercising, healthy food and luxurious holidays. You will rarely find public influencers holding alcohol or cigarettes.

This tricks their followers into thinking they’re 100% innocent. However, most of them are leading double lives and only show you the things they want you to see. They are still human beings who cheat on their diets and miss their daily workouts every now and again too.

One Last Breath

To be fair, nobody looks cute whilst blowing up a balloon. Can we really expect anything different from Vienna? When she posted this image, her followers were commenting that it almost looks as though the first image is her and the second is of her mother.

More of her followers got a good laugh out of this one. One of her commenters said “OMG – that is the face my wife makes when she is blowing up her raft”. Another commented, “LOL, this has to be one of my favorite ones so far.” It definitely is one of the more humorous shots of Vienna.

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