Blogger Shows The Internet 25 Hilarious Comparisons Of Instagram Vs. Reality

The Right Angle

Selfies are by far the most dishonest kind of picture you can take. The common move is to raise your phone above your head so that your body frame looks smaller. However, when both hands are occupied, it’s time to turn to plan B and Vienna’s got that move down.

You can’t deny that it’s pretty impressive that Vienna knows how to maneuver her phone with her foot. That’s a lot more fascinating than her selfie where she looks as though her pajamas are made of silk and her nighttime routine involves putting on a full face of makeup.

Beach Hair

Going to the beach is all fun and games until you find yourself caught in a never-ending cycle of waves that make you think you’re about to drown. Even if you’re a model hoping to capture the perfect photoshoot, mother nature knows no mercy.

Vienna shows herself looking like a mermaid in the first image. She edited the brightness, her face, and her hips. However, going to the beach almost guarantees a messy hair day. So, the second image depicts the shot your most likely to get out of a beach day.

Sexy Swimmer?

Taking a dip in the pool looks great on Instagram, the make-up, the hair, it all seems to stay perfectly kept, even though you allegedly just swam a few lengths. No one should look ready-to-go-out straight after a swim.

The reality is that getting out of the pool is anything but sexy, particularly if you’re an awkward and shy individual. You’d probably barely climb out the pool, stumble around whilst your hair goes all over your face. Mascara everywhere.

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