12+ Bizarrely Fascinating Facts About Our Bodies

The human body is an amazing instrument. Think about all of the incredible things it does for us, without us even telling it to—breathing, beating our hearts, digesting our food, supplying us with necessary chemicals and hormones. It’s truly mind-boggling. And we found some facts that mind just blown your mind even more.

Here are 13 strange and fascinating facts about the human body that you probably never knew.

You’ll probably never take your body for granted after reading these.

1. When people blush, so does their stomach lining.

Both the human stomach and the face become red when blushing. It’s because it causes all of the capillaries in your body to widen. The increased blood flow is responsible for the red color.

2. Having your heart broken actually causes a heart condition.

It is called broken heart syndrome and it’s entirely real. The emotional stress can cause chest pain and shortness of breath similar to a heart attack. It normally resolves within a few days or weeks.

3. Human hair is pretty much indestructible.

One of the only real threats to hair is fire. Besides that, it decays at an extremely slow rate. It’s even resistant to various types of chemicals and acids.

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