40+ People Who Didn’t Think Things Through Very Well

It’s often the simplest tasks that get messed up the most. People get too comfortable and then let careless mistakes happen. That’s what happened here. These 41 people each had one job to do, that’s it! But they somehow managed to screw it up.
For example, the person who accidentally hung up a holiday light display in the center of town that looked like a bunch of women’s underwear. It’s not exactly the kid-friendly display that the boss had in mind.

However, even though these individuals completely dropped the ball, it doesn’t mean that they deserve to be fired. It does mean we get to laugh at and make fun of them though. These mistakes are just too easy to pick on — the jokes practically write themselves. Once you check them out for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

1. Not Lining Up

Whoever attached the latches to the underground access panel really messed up. They put them on the wrong side, causing the panel to completely clash with the rest of the sidewalk after it was installed.

2. Sanitary Floatie

Someone accidentally designed a pool raft that looks like a maxi pad. They could have chosen any other color or shape, but this is what they settled on. Now that it’s on the shelves, there is no turning back.

3. Eating Garbage

The person responsible for typing up the TV show description accidentally got his shows mixed up. However, the description is pretty fitting to the situation anyway. Depending on your opinion about the series, it could still be considered accurate.

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