30 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses To Tempt Any Future Bride

A woman’s wedding is one of the most important days of her life, and picking out the right wedding dress means everything. Most girls roaming around the planet have spent literally countless hours dreaming of every single little detail of their future “Big Day”. It’s safe to say that the majority of those hours get poured into exactly what the future bride will want her wedding dress to look like.

From the cut of the gown and how it frames her body, to whether or not to wear a veil, keep it short and sleeveless or all trains and lace, there is A LOT that goes into finding the perfect wedding gown. If just the basics of picking the right dress weren’t enough, there are endless options and accessories to choose from as well. Lace-embroidered trees and flowers with pearls for leaves, anyone?

Do you see why girls start planning their perfect gown from the get-go? Fortunately, the masses of women conjuring up their dream-gowns have some help. There are thousands of fashion designers out there taking on the challenge of creating the drop-dead gorgeous gowns that every woman would kill for…the ladies just have to find them. So, to get your creative juices flowing and give you just a glimpse of what’s out there, here are 30 awe-inspiring wedding dresses that would tempt any woman to sell her soul!

Princess Eugenie’s Low-Back Stunner

Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos proved their Britain-based designer label is made for royalty when they stunned the world with their wedding dress design for Princess Eugenie last year. The classical full bodice paired with a pleated skirt elegantly brought the princess’s feminine physique to the forefront. The folded neckline that gently drops away into a flowing train was a special request by the princess to display her battle scar from her scoliosis surgery.

Beautiful And Heavy Laden Jacy Kay Gown

Jacy Kay is perhaps one of the most well-known designers when it comes to adding in a heavy-handed flair to his wedding dresses. He spares no detail when creating wearable glamour. In fact, some of his breath-taking designs weigh an incredible forty five pounds!

Kate Middleton’s Iconic Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton’s dress shot to the top of all-time iconic wedding dresses the moment she wore it out of the palace! The Princess worked with designer Sarah Burton, from historically famous Alexander McQueen, very closely on the details of her victorian-inspired wedding gown. The train itself is 9 feet long, and the lace embroidery includes roses, lily of the valley, and thistle, all sewn into the dress by hand!

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