30 Warm Photos That Prove Family Is The Best Thing On Earth

Whether a family is sweet or goofy, furry or formal, blood relations or family of choice (or all of the above), a good photo of people who love each other is bound to warm even the coldest of hearts.
These 30 photos show it all – birthdays, adoptions, multiple generations, first meetings, and lifetime celebrations and are sure to make you laugh and shed a sentimental tear.

1. Feeding babies

These 4 generations of men all have a pretty great sense of humor if you ask us.
What a hilarious idea for a family photo!

2. Hand in hand

The man who posted this photo captioned it: “Became a dad today. Couldn’t feel more happy right now.”
Such a sweet moment.

3. Cool crew

This single dad said he’s “embracing single-parenthood by getting the family pictures I always wanted.”
We love the idea of embracing where you are and showing your kids that different can be fun.

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