30 Common Thrift Stores Items You Can Easily Flip For Money

The next time you’re digging around for treasures at the thrift store, take a closer look at all the ordinary trinkets, gizmos and gadgets that are gathering dust on the shelves.

No, these aren’t million-dollar Antiques Roadshow finds, but it turns out they may be more valuable than you might think.

Curious? Then check out these 30 common thrift store items you can “flip” for profit right freaking now. You’re welcome.

1) College Textbooks

Sure most things are online nowadays but college textbooks may be worth more than you know.
Be sure to price the book’s ISBN number online at Abebooks.com. They have a textbook buyback program that lets you find out just how much the textbook is worth!

2) Sports Video Games

Video games have been around a long time, but don’t shy away from the oldies just because they’re getting a little pixelated around the edges.
Sports games for older consoles are a clear winner here, and the good news is that they can be found just about everywhere!

3) Vintage Pyrex Cookware

Even though they’re not always pretty to look at (tangerine orange, anyone?) people seem to go nutzo balls over this stuff!
If you happen to find a complete set, you’ll be seeing lots of avocado green – in the form of cash, of course!

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