40 Body Cues That Reveal Truth About Your Relationships

Do you want to know if your relationship is going well? Are you looking for clues?
We all want to know if the people in our life actually want to be there or if they’re just hanging around.

Here are forty ways to tell if they are genuinely interested in you.

#1 Eye contact

When people make eye contact, it can mean that they are being honest or are interested in the person they are speaking to.
If their eyes always seem to be somewhere else, they may be lying or feeling disconnected from you emotionally.

#2 A pat on the back

A pat on the back can be comforting gesture from a friend.
However, if you are interested in the person romantically, you may want to reel your feelings back in. Chances are, they see themselves as a part of your team, not as a romantic partner.

#3 Lip biting

If someone is biting their lip a lot, it may be a sign of nervousness or holding something back.
If what they’re holding back is good or bad may be hard to tell from lip-biting alone. Thankfully, there are other cues that may help.

#4 Eye rolling

Not a very subtle sign, eye-rolling generally signals contempt. This is not something you want to see in a relationship.
It’s a sign that there are issues that the two of you need to work through if you intend to continue spending time around them.

#5 Their pupils

If someone’s pupils get large when they see you, it’s often a sign of sexual attraction. There are certain things that the eyes give away.
If their pupils remain small, the spark may be leaving the relationship.

#6 The direction of their feet

If their feet point away from you when you talk is may signify that they are losing interest.
Conversely, if their feet are pointed towards you, they are more than likely interested in you and what have to say.

#7 Crossed legs

Crossed legs may be a sign of being emotionally closed off.
If you notice that their legs are usually crossed when they speak to you, it may be time to check for other indicators as well.

#8 Their smile

Not every smile is genuine. See if it reaches to the corners of their mouth or if that smile ends in a micro frown at the ends.
A fake smile may be an indicator that something is wrong in the relationship.

#9 Are they looking at you or their phone?

We’re all guilty of checking our phones when we’re with people, but how often are they doing it?
Is it occasional, or do they start checking their messages the second you enter the room? An obsession with their phone when you are around may indicate a lack of interest.

If they put their phone down when you enter the room, your relationship is most likely on solid ground.

#10 Crossed arms

Crossed arms may be a sign of the other person closing off to you.
Arms that are not crossed often show a level of trust.

#11 Furrowed eyebrows

Furrowed eyebrows in your direction mean that you may be a current source of aggravation for the person.
Pay attention to eyebrow movement. It can say a lot.

#12 Walking in sync

When your pace naturally matches another person’s after a while of being together, it often indicates that your relationship is in a good place.
If your walking used to be synchronized and has fallen out of sync lately, what you have may not be what it used to be.

#13 Sex

Being unenthusiastic or uninterested in sex in a romantic relationship is usually a sign of unhappiness.
While sex may become less frequent as a relationship goes on, be aware of sudden drop offs in frequently or interest.

#14 Laying their head on your shoulder

This is a sweet gesture that shows closeness and trust. If you’re involved with someone and they do this, your relationship is most likely in a good place.

#15 An arm around you waist

If you are walking with a romantic partner and they slip an arm around your waist, it often signifies possessiveness.
They want you and everyone else to know that you are together.

#16 Lap sitting

Most people in relationships won’t do this unless they are extremely comfortable with you.
It’s a sign of intimacy, a desire for closeness, and trust.

#17 It’s in a kiss

How long do your kisses last?
While it’s probably not a good idea to get out a stopwatch to check, longer lasting kisses indicate that they’re still very much romantically involved and interested.

If you only get a peck on the cheek, your relationship may be in jeopardy.

#18 A forehead kiss

This usually shows an imbalance of power in the relationship and is rarely romantic.
If you’re getting kissed on the forehead, take a closer look at where your relationship is heading and if you’re comfortable in the role you’re being placed in.

#19 A pointed finger

A finger pointed in your direction during an argument may be a subconscious attempt to threaten you into submission.
If you see this a lot, it may be time to reevaluate how things are going in your relationship.

#20 They stand next to you

If the two of you are engaged in conversation with others, standing side by side may be a way to show that you two are together while still involving the others in the room.
However, if they remain like that when you are alone, it may show a lack of intimacy. It’s a better sign to see them angling in your direction.

#21 The direction of the lean

Are they leaning towards you or away? If they are leaning back, it’s a sign of dislike and your relationship may be doomed.

#22 Finger tapping

Finger tapping indicates impatience and nervousness. If someone you are with is tapping your fingers, they may be distracted or waiting to get away.

#23 Left hand versus right hand

We often gesture more with out left hand when we are feeling uncomfortable about what we are saying.
If the topic is serious, check to see which hand they gesture with more when speaking.

#24 Sleep position

If your partner falls asleep facing you, your relationship is probably in a safe place.
If they curl up in the fetal position in the opposite direction, it may signify a lot of pent up feelings and turmoil.

#25 Sighing

It’s not always just body language that can give us clues about how a relationship is going.
If your partner suddenly starts sighing or pausing more in conversations, it may be a sign that they are emotionally exhausted.

#26 Mimicked movements

If someone you have been spending a lot of time with starts mimicking your movements, don’t panic. It may not be mocking.
We often mirror the movements of people who we are interested in and like.

#27 Lip pursing

Lip pursing can signal a few things, none of them positive.
It may indicate that they are holding back aggression or information. It may also be a sign of severe anxiety.

#28 Hug time

How long do your hugs last?
A brief hug may indicate that they can barely tolerate being around you. A long hug shows appreciation for your presence.

#29 Enthusiasm

Has how your partner hugs or kisses you changed with time?
If nothing else has changed in their life to alter their energy levels (such as a new baby or a new boss), the amount of enthusiasm they show can indicate if the spark is still there or if their interest is waning.

#30 If he shows you his pearly whites

Boys generally stop smiling widely by the time they reach five or six years old.
If a man is showing you his teeth, that may be an indication that he is genuinely happy to be in your presence.

#31 Too much eye contact

Too much eye contact may be overcompensation. Sometimes we worry that having too little eye contact will give the wrong impression, so then we end up overcompensating.
If they’re looking into your eyes way too much, you may make them nervous, or they might be hiding how they actually feel.

#32 They look to you for approval

If they tell a joke or suggest an idea when in a group, and then look to you for a response, that means you are the one they are trying to impress.
Usually, this indicates genuine interest.

#33 Hands in their pockets

When someone is hiding their hands from you, they may be hiding more than that.
When lying, people will often place their hands in their pockets or behind their back to show fewer gestures and keep the truth hidden as well.

#34 She relaxes her posture

Good posture is a positive, but it’s not what you want to see when sitting across from someone you are interested in.
When a woman is romantically interested, she will often subconsciously bend towards you making her posture less than perfect.

#35 Hand contact

If someone reaches for your hand, you’re in a good place.
If they pull their hand away when you reach for theirs, there may be disdain or resentment behind their movement.

#36 A hand behind your back

If someone places a hand on your back, it may be a sign of emotional closeness or caring. In some cases, it can also be seen as a power move.

#37 Checking the time

Frequent glancing at the time may indicate that your relationship has become a nuisance and that they have more important things to get back to.
This is a big red flag for the relationship.

#38 An arm over your shoulder

If they place an arm around or over your shoulders, it’s a gesture that shows their closeness, protectiveness, and love.
You’re in good hands (or arms in this case).

#39 The space between you

How far away do they sit from you? If they usually choose the chair all the way on the other side of the room, your romance may be on the rocks.
Usually, if we like someone, we don’t mind being near them.

#40 Walking

If they walk in front of you, that may be a sign that you are becoming something they are leaving behind.
If they walk alongside you, then chances are you are still a big part of their journey through life.

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