50 Clever People Who Solved A Problem In Hilariously Unexpected Ways

We’ve all been faced with a problem that we’ve had to solve to make life a little bit more convenient for us. Sometimes these workarounds are silly and other times, they are genius.

Here is a list of 50 times that people (hilariously) accomplished both at the same time. There are no swings and misses here!

1) Date Night

When your dorm doesn’t allow for the opposite sex to be in your room but you want to spend time… what a keeper.

2) Pick a Subject, Any Subject

We’ve all been there. Tons of books in your bag. Scrambling to find the right one because cover color coordinating doesn’t matter if you can’t see the cover!

3) Brilliance on a Hook

Genius. An actual banana rack can cost you about $10. Need we say more?

4) Meep Meep

A bumper car that doesn’t damage your walls… or your toes!

5) Seat Cushion

Keeping your pizza and your tush nice and warm since 1959.

6) When There’s a Will, There’s a Way

The mayor in Brazil prohibited bar owners from setting tables on the sidewalk.
Jokes on them. The view is better from up here anyway.


7) Just One of the Guys

These women snuck into Azadi Stadium disguised as men to cheer on their team. Women are not allowed to watch matches.
Kudos to these brave women!

8) Winter is Coming

This school enforces a suit and tie dress code for its students. However, they can wear whatever coats they want during the winter.
Touché young sir.

9) Clever Determination

This clever individual created a spoon from the lid of their pudding. Very nice!

10) Homework or Life Experience?

When your teacher assigns the class to write about life as a Chinese immigrant and you actually know Chinese…
Talk about turning the tables. Kinda got the teacher here, huh

11) On the Fence Here…

Imagine having to find your horn in a split second. Yikes!
But also imagine hearing an actual horn in the middle of traffic. Perfection!

12) “I am the captain now.”

She told her boyfriend that their new puppy wasn’t allowed in the bed. At least she knows where she lies in his world! Ouch.

13) Parents and Their Children Summerized

This person’s mom asked them to bring nothing but rolls for dinner. Looks like they got it covered.

14) Makeshift Hangers

Some people have way too many hangers. Others, don’t have enough. They might want to invest in some hangers as this seems tedious!

15) “You’ll never be rid of me!”

This guy was banned from the stadium. But he isn’t going to let that stop him from showing up and supporting his team.
Or just being a nuisance.

16) “I think I can. I think I can.”

If this vehicle doesn’t have four-wheel drive, forget about it!
It also looks like they might be a bit too early for this…

17) No Tray? No Problem!

Let’s just hope they don’t move around a lot. They could create more problems on the carpet!

18) “I AM GROOT!”

This has got to be one of the best school assignments of all time. Students were assigned to embody a Marvel character for their resume and cover letter. This is one student’s assignment.

Great job, Groot!

19) Comfort vs. Practicality

Soft? Check.
Comfortable? Check.

Germ infested? Check.

We’ll pass!

20) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

This person isn’t allowed to bring pumpkins into their dorm… odd rule but okay. Anyway, they bought a pineapple and made great use out of it!
Unfortunately, their RA threw the pineapple away. Challenge accepted. The student then carved out a handful of apples and placed them in the hallway. Ha!

21) Untouchable

When you want to relax outside and also avoid the sun…
Those feet will probably get burned though!

22) On It’s Last Legs

What a creative way to hold you an unbalanced air conditioner… I think.

23) “What are those?!”

Seriously, what are those?! And why? She cut the socks too!
Okay, we had to throw in one swing and a miss.

24) “Pretty sure I can just squeeze in here.”

I’m not too sure whether this is legal but I also wouldn’t advise it even if it was. Why? There’s no bumper to protect your ride! Great space saver though!

25) Sleeping Dog, Happy Life

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

26) Never Moving, Always Still

Some people just don’t want to bend over to reach for their drink. So they do this instead.

27) When You Can’t Afford Another Pair

These headphones were pieced back together rather nicely! Some people can fix just about anything.

28) Happy Birthday?

“Okay, so everybody just forgot my birthday?”
I guess blowing out the lighter is fairly memorable.

29) Giving the People What They Want

Water is nature’s gift to us all. Why must we be denied it?

30) Obstacle Diverted

These guys found a creative way to get around the, “no drinks at the pool” rule.

31) Turning the Frown Upside Down

This restaurant turned the “B” rating from the Health Department into a part of their advertising for Sunday Brunch.
Clearly, they have a “glass half-full” mindset.

32) Taking Things Literally

I mean… they do have a case. It is wheelchair accessible parking. But where is the person that’s supposed to be in it?

33) “This isn’t up to us…”

In order to sell liquor, they had to sell food also. Guess which one they care about more?

34) Fake It ‘Til You Make It

So sneaky! Guess they don’t really pay attention to the wristband. This guy got into an exclusive Volcom event with a grocery store receipt wrapped around his wrist.

35) Get In Where You Fit In

And this motorcycle fits perfectly here.

36) The Thin Gold Line

What a clever young man! He was told he couldn’t bring food into the living room.
His parents should be proud.

37) Rules Are Everything…

This kid’s school requres a belt as a part of their uniforms. He was not about to be suspended for forgetting his!

38) Determined to Rebel

The company policy states that all drinks must be in a cup with a straw…
The employee could have just poured the beverage into the cup but some people are just born to be rebels, am I right?

39) Challenge Accepted

One sheet of paper of formulas for the exam? No problem.

40) Use the Talents You Possess

This guy just landed a job! But the company he works for requires he wear a suit for his photo on the company website.
Such talent!

41) Technically…

Taking a stance!. I hope this person didn’t get a ticket or even worse, towed!

42) By Law…

This bar is also required to serve food to meet the law. This one however, offers chips and salsa for $200! Nobody is gonna purchase that… or will they?

43) Comfort Before Style

This guy just had a septoplasty done (surgery of the nose) and wasn’t allowed to wear glasses afterwards due to the pressure. So he rigged his glasses up so they wouldn’t rest on his nose.
Future engineer?

44) From the Top to the Bottom

This person’s mom locked up this drawer when they were a kid. But little did she know, they were able to take out the top drawer to get to the bottom.

45) It’s Art

This tenant wasn’t allowed to paint their walls. The next best thing? Paint swatches. It turned out rather interesting.

46) Happy Now?

He was told to go and play outside. This is the result.

47) What They Don’t Know

Professional attire is a requirement for most jobs. But, we can sneak a little creativity in there.

48) Everything Will Be Fine

This guy’s dad went out of town and had cameras installed. Has he never watched a teenage movie before?
He should be proud of his son’s wit though!

49) Bonus Point

This teacher was extremely… lenient that day.

50) Send Help

The kids at camp were told they had to send a letter home after the first week of camp… This might need some looking in to!

When you’re determined, there is simply nothing you can’t achieve.

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