25 Things That Are So Much Bigger Than You Think

You shouldn’t believe everything you see, particularly when it comes to size. You see, some animals, people, and famous things might look small when you’re looking at them from afar. Once you get near them, you’ll see a totally different picture.

If you’re not convinced, here’s a collection of things that are so much bigger in real life.

1. Polar bear paw

Even though we all know that polar bears are huge animals, this photo is still shocking. See those two human hands? They didn’t even make half of that bear’s paw.

2. Fresh water sting ray

The biggest fresh water sting ray measured about 14 feet in length and 7.9 feet across. Although this one is nowhere near that size, it’s still bigger than most of us imagined.

3. Tornado

This tornado is packed with so much power. Compare it to the wind turbines on the right and you’ll see what I mean.

4. The flag

This isn’t an ordinary flag. It’s the Great Garrison Flag that inspired the creation of the national anthem.

5. The torch of the Statue of Liberty

Before the actual statue was put up, a number of its parts were put on display. One of them was the statues might large torch.

6. Agave

This is how an agave plant looks like in full bloom. I had no idea it could grow this big. That man was just the size of the leaves at the bottom.

7. Big Lonely Doug

Agave isn’t the only humongous plant on this list. This is the Big Lonely Doug with about 6 people at the base.

8. Fresnel lens

Lighthouse lens need to be big in order for them to be effective, but I bet you didn’t think they’d be this big. Well, that was what I thought. This is the Fresnel lens for the Makapu’u lighthouse.

9. Walrus

Imagine a walrus this big blocking your driveway. It’ll take a lot of strength and patience before you can move it aside. I wonder what this man did while waiting for that walrus to move away from the submarine’s entrance.

10. Lion’s Mane jellyfish

This is the Lion’s Mane jellyfish which is considered as the largest jellyfish in the world. Although it looks cool, I don’t think I’d have the guts to stay near it just to take a picture.

11. A haystack

This is a haystack from 1923. With its size, the idea of “finding a needle in a haystack” seems really difficult. Even finding anything larger than a human would seem impossible. That haystack is bigger than the house!

12. Wolf

I don’t know about most of you, but I was pretty sure that wolves were just about the size of an average dog. Well, not until I saw this picture. This wild wolf is even bigger than the human sitting next to it.

13. Sea wall

The concrete block for this sea wall was designed to protect the coast line and prevent erosion. Each piece can weigh up to 80 tonnes. No wonder they are so huge!

14. Sunflower

It’s possible to grow really big sunflowers with the right techniques, but I never imagined that they can get that big. Their heads are a couple of times bigger than that woman’s head!

15. Camels

Camels are big animals, but it’s hard to get a clear picture until you’re standing right next to one. A full-grown adult camel can grow as tall as 7 feet at the hump.

16. African elephant skull

This is a full set of human bones placed next to an African elephant skull. I can’t even determine where to start the comparison. The elephant’s skull is just too big.

17. Those orange balls

From below, you might think that those balls aren’t that large. Putting one next to another person’s head is totally an eye-opener. You can just imagine the damage it could cause if one accidentally falls over your head.

18. Zebra mantis shrimp

This is a zebra mantis shrimp preserved at the National Museum of National History in the Philippines. The species can be quite deadly.

19. Whale vertebrae

This is a photo of a whale vertebrae found in Norway. It’s what bears in the area have been feeding on for the past year.

20. The Teletubbies

When you watch them on TV, you’d think that they are just your size. This photo, however, proves otherwise. Teletubbies are way bigger than you think and it’s quite scary.

21. Kawhi Leonard’s hand

Kawhi Leonard is about 6’7″ in height and his hands are surely massive. I mean, with one hand, he can surely squeeze the referee’s gut out.

22. The Statue of Unity

If you think the Statue of Liberty is the biggest statue you’ll see, then this photo will surely make you think twice. This is the Statue of Unity which is about 600 feet in height.

23. Bullfrog

For an 18-pound bullfrog, this one seems fit. I mean, just look at its legs.

24. The world’s largest rocking chair

When they say that this is the largest rocking chair, they aren’t joking. For reference, that man underneath it is 6’3″.

25. Bison

The size of this bison is quite scary. Its head is nearly the size of that human putting an ear tag on the animal.

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