50 Older People Trying, But Failing So Hard With Technology

While we’ve all had our fair share of “oops” when it comes to technology, but no one has had quite as many as the older generations. This is something we completely understand. After all, who do we go to when our car has a problem or we need to know how long to boil an egg? Google, of course, but grandma and grandpa aren’t far behind. Since we can relate, let’s go ahead and enjoy these times that these poor elderly peeps hard-failed with technology.

1) The Best of Editors

This eventual famous old lady is whiting out her monitor. Most kids these days have probably never used white out in their life. Here’s a tip, kids, don’t use it on your screen. This lady needs an award.

2) Emoji Mishap

Okay, so, this poor mother needs a lesson on emojis. I’ll admit we’ve all had emjoi oopsies. Who else thought the hi-five was praying hands? I sure did! But when you’re not sure, you probably should look it up. After all, you’d hate someone to think you’re laughing at their misfortune.

3) Amp Up the Volume

That’s not exactly what that is for. Close one, grandma, but no cigar. Just because it fits in the jack, doesn’t mean it goes there. But who are we to judge? Who hasn’t stuck your headphones in the wrong hole?

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